Thursday, May 9, 2013



We are remodeling.  It is long overdue.  I am so excited!

A portion of the half cathedral ceiling has been covered in cedar and we are now working on the kitchen.  Beadboard for the walls with a plate rail atop, wood laminate flooring to replace the carpet, fresh paint and a brand spanking new dishwasher!  All of this is good, but also time-consuming and a lot of hard work.

Along with this comes cleaning out the pantry and cabinets and doing some rearranging.  I'm always looking for ways to simplify and to make things more convenient.  Pictures of the kitchen will be included in future posts.

In the meantime, I have chaos.

My father moved out of the house a month ago that he and my mother had built and lived in for over thirty years.  After my mother passed, we went through some things, but not everything.  Consequently, when the house sold I moved several boxes of things to my house to go through.  So, on top of the disarray we already had, I added more to it. 

I keep telling myself, "Everything will get done.  Things will return to normal".  That is a new mantra of mine.

Also, in the meantime, it is mushroom season in my little corner of Indiana.  For avid mushroom hunters that means for a few weeks the rest of life is put on hold and the quest for the 'gold' is on!  I am one of those people! 

Just when I thought the season was over and it was going to not be very spectacular as far as numbers of mushrooms go, I was pleasantly surprised.  Look at the treasures I found!

I found a total of 73 mushrooms, 71 of which were very, very large.!  Only 2 were tiny.  We weighed them at just a couple ounces shy of five pounds.
Here they are, all cleaned and debugged!

I can't take all the credit, though, for finding them.  My husband called me from his optometry office to tell me he had been talking with the air conditioner repairman.  The repairman said that people were finding mushrooms right and left that day.  Gary said to me, "Get your hunting clothes on and get out there!". 

Thank God for small towns where everyone knows what everyone else is doing!  If I hadn't heard the news, I wouldn't have gone out, and I would have missed out on these!  I had already decided it hadn't been a very good year for them.  Was I ever wrong!

Cleaning out the cabinets came to a halt and my plans for writing were put on hold for the day.  That was okay.  Mushroom season lasts but a short while.  Life happens.  It's important to not allow it to pass you by!  It's important to enjoy scenes like this after a trek in the woods.
And this...

Daily attempting to lay aside the disarray and chaos and concentrating on the important things is sometimes difficult.  But, it's truly worth it.  Despite the imperfections in day to day living, I am thankful to God for this daily transcendent journey.

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