Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Memories


I miss my mom.  A lot.  She was my best friend.
I am so thankful God chose her to be my mother!  Even though a few years have passed since she left us for Heaven, I think of her daily and remember...

Upon waking this morning, this scene greeted me.
And this one...
The mist rising off the lake was beautiful and peaceful.  As the mist disappeared, it brought to mind how much our lives are like that mist.  We are only here for a short time.  We really need to enjoy all that life has to offer!

Too often it takes a life or death experience for us to appreciate life.  I can relate.  My mom related.  After her cancer diagnosis, what things were once important no longer were.  Life is good.  The little things in life are often the best.

Speaking of little things, the geese were out and about this morning with their little ones.
They are so cute! 
And so much fun to watch!  I just wish they would 'do their business' somewhere else besides in our yard!

The mother goose and father gander are such good parents.  So protective of their little ones.  It won't be long before the babies are grown and on their own.  But, only after they've learned their life lessons.

I'm so grateful for the life lessons my mother taught me before I 'left the nest'.  And I'm even more grateful for the lessons she continues to teach me through the memories I have of how she lived her life.

As I was cleaning out a desk the other day, I came across this lovely message on a greeting card from American Greetings:

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey
of sweetness and sorrow,
Of yesterday's memories
and hopes for tomorrow,
Of pathways we choose
and detours we face
With patience and humor,
courage and grace,
Of joys that we've shared
and of people we've met
Who have touched us in ways
we will never forget.

I love and miss you Mom!  I always will!

Wishing everyone happiness and peace on this daily transcendent journey!

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