Monday, May 20, 2013



I love the marvelous month of May!  Leaves on trees, flowers blooming, and baby geese are beautiful sights!
Our geese are growing quickly and are so much fun to watch!  Chico, one of my beautiful cats, finds it more interesting to watch me photograph the geese instead of watching the geese themselves.
This past week has been extremely busy.  And fun.  And productive.  Last Tuesday included a trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art with some very dear friends.  I am so thankful to Traci for opening my eyes to the amazing world of art!
The gardens on the museum grounds were in full bloom!
Just beautiful!

Remodeling continued this past week on our kitchen.  Progress.  We're getting there!  Just look at how Steve the carpenter displayed his talent!  He wrapped sasafras around the base of the cabinets.  Now, this is another form of art:
Just look at the beautiful woodgrain:
While the remodeling continued, I attended the  Daughters of the American Revolution Indiana State Conference this past weekend.  Meeting new people is always such fun!
And spending time with a few of  the ladies in our local DAR chapter was wonderful, too.
Now, this brings us back to Monday and the weekly balancing act continues.  Work to do.  Life to live.  Fun to enjoy.  Priorities to set.

As I write on this Monday afternoon, cousins are on our lake fishing...
Gracie is napping...
And there is still much work to be done today and this coming week.  Laundry, fundraising for projects and preparing my garden are all going to have to wait for now.  Just as there are shadows and light in this next picture from the museum...
there is as Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, 'a time to every purpose under the heaven.'  BALANCE.

I think it's time for me to take a bike ride on my daily transcendent journey!

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